Let Your Day Be Part of “A Day in the World”

Are your photos not good enough for Pictures of the Year? Well, how about Pictures of the Day? The folks at ADAY.org invite you to join them on May 15th to “photograph what our lives look like.” Their website says the project is for everyone, all around the world, using any kind of camera:

Professionals, amateurs, school children, farmers, social media fans, astronauts, office workers and you. Cell phone camera, Hasselblad, home made or borrowed. We are looking for the perspectives of everyone who enjoys photography!

The final product?

All images will be displayed online for you and everyone to explore. Some of them will be selected for a book, A Day In the World, others in digital exhibitions. Every single one will be saved for future research and inspiration.

Got to ADAY.org for instructions on how to participate. You’ll need to sign up and get details before the 15th, so you’ll want to get on board soon.

[photo: “The Photographer,” by Elvis Kennedy, used under a Creative Commons license]


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