12 Pieces of Jewelry to Show Your Love for That Special Person—and Those Special Places


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if your beloved has a roaming heart, I’ve got some great gift ideas for you. Now, by “roaming heart” I don’t mean that her loyalty is suspect. (I can’t help you much there.) What I mean is that she’s a global citizen, or has an itch for travel, or has called more than one country home.

And I say “she” because the sites I’m linking to below feature jewelry, in particular necklaces for ladies—though guys wear necklaces, too, and several sellers have other jewelry items specifically for men.

So for some of you, here is a list of options to give to your sweetheart. For the rest of you, here are 12 ideas for self-gifting after the mini box of chocolates your sweetheart gives you is empty.

Each piece is a design that’s custom made using the locations of cities that are important to you. Enter your special places in the online form and map out your own unique pattern. Prices begin at $80.

Urban Gridded Jewelry
These pendants are finely cut, intricate maps showing the urban layout of the city of your choice. Search their site to see if your location is in their collection. From $40.

Lat & Lo
This line of jewelry includes the geographical coordinates of a meaningful place, stamped into the pendant.  Prices from $49.

This is another version of jewelry featuring the coordinates of a special location with the place name or a date engraved alongside. Starting at $152.

McLaughlin Creations
This site sells necklaces with pendants shaped in the silhouettes of more than 30 states and countries. Each pendant includes a heart-shaped cutout. From $18.

These pendants come in the shapes of over 70 countries, states, and continents. Each includes an optional heart cutout, placed wherever you like. Starting at $58.

Borderline Jewelry
The pendants in this line are circles and ovals with cutouts in the shape of over 100 states, countries, and other locations. Silhouettes are also available. Prices start at $120.

Countries of the World
Choose any country and get a necklace pendant in that shape. Heart cutouts are optional. From $133.99

A. Jaffe
Pick any address in the world and A. Jaffe will make a necklace from the map. Zoom in or out and put a small diamond at the specific location.Prices start at $125. Add a diamond border and prices are $1,295 and up.

Map Pendant
Your handmade pendant features a small section of a vintage map showing the place of your choice, preserved under resin. From $19.50.

Anne Holman Jewelry Design*
This is another option for antique-map-under-resin necklaces. Handmade and “eco-friendly.” Prices begin at $60.

Chart Metalworks
This line of jewelry featuring maps under resin uses your choice of nautical-chart and map styles. Pieces are handcrafted in Maine. From $75.

*It is really touching to hear the stories of different people for whom I make the jewelry. I hope one day I can travel to the many places I’ve dreamed about. In the meantime, it is fun to live vicariously though my customers’ stories of their travels. —Ann Holman

[photo: “London: The Capital of Romance,” by Charis Tsevis, used under a Creative Commons license]