A Sideways Look at Missions Stuff: Chuckle, Chuckle, Ouch

November 4, 2018 § Leave a comment


Following up on my theme of laughable and cringeworthy cultural mistakes, I just reposted my “At the Night Market, Some Flavors Are Better Left Untried” at ALifeOverseas.com.

In that vein (the laughing and cringing part), here are some videos from John Crist on the modern church—funny with a dash of stepping on some toes.

I include mine in the toes stepped on. With that said, if the second and third clips make me wince, does that make me a millennial? (I’d like to be a millennial, too!)

And while the fourth video isn’t about missions per se, if you stick with it, you’ll hear the missionary reference near the end.

[photo: “day 13,” by kygp, used under a Creative Commons license]

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