World’s Best Airline Awards, Do You Agree?

Last week I wrote about the best airports in the world. But if you want to get to one of them, which airline should you take? Skytrax has that covered, too. Here’s a list of the top five airlines from 2011, followed by the winners in specific categories, all from World Airline Awards, “the most prestigious and coveted awards for the airline industry”:

  1. Qatar Airlines
  2. Singapore Airlines
  3. Asiana Airlines (South Korea)
  4. Cathay Pacific Airways (Hong Kong)
  5. Thai Airways International

(Singapore is the only one of these I’ve had the pleasure of flying. Maybe I took Cathay once, but I can’t remember. Flying Singapore was great for our family of six, but that was several years ago. Too bad they’re so expensive now.)

Best cabin staff:

  1. Asiana Airlines
  2. Malaysia Airlines
  3. Singapore Airlines

(Our family flew Malaysia once, too. In our estimation, it’s pretty close to Singapore overall. It’s hard to beat Asian hospitality.)

And best economy class meals:

  1. Thai Airways
  2. Turkish Airlines
  3. Asiana Airlines

(Any airline that served Dr. Pepper would get a vote from me.)

[photo: “Fabulous Flight Attendants,” by Carol Schafer, used under a Creative Commons license]


14 thoughts on “World’s Best Airline Awards, Do You Agree?

  1. I would totally agree with the commendation for hospitality on THY (Turkish). Not only is the flight very welcoming, but if you belong to “Miles and Smiles” they send you an e-mail birthday card.


    1. And we’re still getting Christmas cards by email from EVA Air in Taiwan, and it’s been about 9 years since we flew with them.


  2. I flew Cathay Pacific out to Jakarta and back to NYC. They were quite nice. I was quite spoiled. Thanks for the recommendations.


    1. It’s so much nicer to be able to say, “I was quite spoiled,” than to have to say, “I was quite . . . uh . . . tolerated.”


  3. I did fly on Singapore Airlines once and remember it as a positive experience. But my vote goes to SAS for not only providing toys for small children (my daughter got a stuffed bunny that she still sleeps with 4 years later) but for the flight attendant who held the airsickness bag while my son vomited because I was holding his baby sister and couldn’t reach him. That woman deserved a medal of honor!


    1. I think one of the things that separate the great from the good is that the great don’t just accommodate children, they seem to value them.


  4. HI Craig, good to see your blog!!!!! Singapore Airlines (SQ) always!!! Qantas, only if we have to, even if it is our national airline. Zac’s first flight to TW on SQ, flight leaving after graduation also on SQ. Ask nicely and you might well get a 2nd meal and a 2nd Haagen Daz icecream:_)


    1. Hey Irene. Thanks for stopping by. If I ever fly SQ again, I’ll try asking for the extra ice cream, and I’ll tell them you said it would work.


  5. Qatar airlines is particularly great if you are Qatari. You have a special waiting room, you get special treatment and you get upgrades just for being Qatari. If you are not Qatari . . . hmmm. . . . you get great treatment if you have a business or first class ticket.


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