Books, Boxes, Building Blocks

Like books? (check) Need to be organized? Move often? (check, check)

Here’s a great idea. Simple, stackable, interlocking cubes that serve equally well as bookshelves and moving boxes. That’s the upside—watch them in action in the video below. But there’s also a downside: They’re only available in Europe, and the large cubes start at around US$50.

Kazam! is looking for people to buy at least 3,000 of their BrickBoxes for distribution in the US, Canada, Brazil, or Australia. Any takers? Here’s hoping these things go global and the price goes way down.


7 thoughts on “Books, Boxes, Building Blocks

  1. Have you tried taking the chance of buying a 20′ container full of these items and selling them locally or on ebay or craigslist? You could contact the supplier (maker) of these and ask them for pricing for the product (how ever many of these things they can fit into a 20′ container to start) plus shipping from the whatever port they ship from and to your door? I have been in the transportation industry for over 16 years and can assist if you need help! ;) Good luck – it’s a great idea..especially for students!


  2. IKEA bookcases that come apart and go back together are great if you are moving often; you can use them as bookcases, and you can use them as kitchen pantry shelves, or dinnerware, etc., or you can use them instead of drawers for your clothing. For shipping and storage – those big plastic tubs that go on sale in January, and store things and stack and when not in use, stack into one another very small. If they get cracked, you can use them as planting boxes for your balcony tomatoes and basil plants. :-)


  3. I miss IKEA. (We don’t have one close by here, but had a couple in Taipei.) I miss the furniture, the quirky kitchen gadgets, and the Swedish meatballs.


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