Give the Gift of Flight (and I’m not talking about those new Air Jordans)

193980184_35f2b9d8a0_zHere’s another way to get rid of those pesky frequent-flyer miles. Actually, it’s not the miles that are pesky, it’s those notices that your miles are going to expire due to inactivity that get irritating.

Last year, I wrote about trading a few hundred miles for magazine subscriptions. But maybe you don’t need another Golf Digest laying around your house. Maybe you want to live out your belief that it’s better to give than to receive.

Most airlines allow you to give your miles to selected charities, and it’s even easier than buying magazines. In fact, it probably takes more clicks to find the donation site than to make the donation.

I’ve put together a list of airline donation sites to help the cause. I give credit to the folks at for giving me a head start on finding some of the links. More about MileDonation below.

Some of the other useful links at are instructions on how a charity can solicit mile donations for itself, a form for joining their list of people seeking donated miles, and the list of published requests that others can give to.

You can also contact your favorite non-profit directly to see if they can accept miles into a matching frequent-flyer account (a fee will apply).

Of course, you don’t have to give your miles away. There’s always Cigar Aficionado.

[photo: “Airbus A319 C-GJWF,” by Doug, used under a Creative Commons license]


Click.Click.Click: Do.Something.Good

With only a click—here—you can test your vocabulary at Word Dynamo. Not a bad return on your investment.

With the same click—here—you can not only test your vocabulary but also facilitate a donation of 10 grains of rice to the UN World Food Programme, and it continues for every definition you choose correctly.

That’s because the second click takes you to Free Rice, one of the many Web sites that make a donation to a charity in exchange for you clicking a link. That link sends you to a page with advertisements, and the advertisers are the ones that make the donation, not you.

While Free Rice’s word game might keep you clicking, you might prefer something less challenging, like, say, just pressing your finger without having to read any words other than click here. If that’s more your speed, bookmark some of the sites below, several of which support causes that reach beyond the borders of the US.

The Greater Good Network:

Another place with opportunities to click for several issues is Click to Give, with these categories:

And finally, there are these options at Care2:

Looking for even more choices? Go to these lists:

Of course, if all this benevolence gives you “mouse finger,” take a look at for treatment and prevention.

[photo: “air:alone in Kyoto,” by Lali Masriera, used under a Creative Commons license]