The American Way, Way Up There


On a recent flight over the Pacific, I perused the October issue of American Way, the inflight magazine of American Airlines. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Gracing the cover, singer/songwriter Jessie J “continues to redefine herself.” I wasn’t familiar with her first definition.
  2. At, I can sell my “unwanted diamonds for cash.” Finally, a place to unload all those gemstones that have been dragging me down.
  3. People Tools, by Alan C. Fox, is not a book about people who are tools.
  4. Reading the tagline “Athlete and TV host Michael Strahan knows how to dress” didn’t quite pull me into that article.
  5. Voodoo comes from vous, the French word for you, and the English do. Who knew?
  6. Judging by all the advertisements, hair loss must be a big deal for travelers.
  7. Oh yeah, Bondi is a beach in Sydney, not just an iMac color.
  8. The mag writers’ favorite shirt is made by Ledbury, with its “fused canvas interlining” in the collar to keep it from collapsing. . . because “crushed collars are a business traveler’s nightmare.” Can you say, “First-world problems”?
  9. It took me a while to realize that Amber Kelleher-Andrews, of, has been awarded “top global matchmaker,” not “watchmaker.” By the way, who exactly gave her that award?
  10. The editors let me know that “78% of readers will act on an ad they’ve seen in this magazine.” If that includes people who blog about the advertisements, count me in.

If you’d like to read your favorite inflight magazine from the comfort of your web browser, take a look at Inflight Magazines: My Virtual Seat-Back Pocket Runneth Over.

[photo: “There’s no way like the American way (colorized),” by Whitewall Buick, used under a Creative Commons license]


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